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Pharmacy alliance steering is expected to glow new

When the industry's eye is attracted by the large chain of mergers and acquisitions frequently, pharmacy alliance seems to have gradually fade out. However, in March 22 ~ 24 days, dormant for a period of time Chongqing Union Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "alliance") hosted the second session of China brand pharmacy business summit (double sink), attracted hundreds of industrial brand and brand chain executives gathered in the mountain. Coincidentally, April 18th taeger will also usher in the Fifth National Congress of the third meeting, to prove their active figure still exists.
Affected by the consistency of the evaluation of generic drugs, such as the implementation of the policy system of two votes, the competition in the field of medicine circulation pattern is undergoing major changes, mergers and acquisitions of pharmacy soldier assault, local war raging like a storm, will become the history background of lock joint operations in more and more large enterprises and Dalian, the pharmacy alliance decide on what path to follow?
As the two national There remained but a single one. alliance, and how will the UNITA taeger strain? Can set an example for the pharmacy alliance once again resurgence?
From goods to services, alliance thinking quietly changed
"In the capital dance era, many small and medium-sized chain produced a panic. So what is the biggest problem? What do they need most? It is standard and safe, it is the improvement of operation capacity and profit." For the new mission of ASEAN, Chongqing Union Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd chairman Tang Xianwei's explanation.
About to do double goods exchange, the union general manager Wu Junfu said, in March last year, they planned to hold a planned annual meeting of shareholders, since it is the business docking, why not find brands?" Thus, the brand industry and brand chain docking summit - the two goods exchange was born.
It is understood that the League last year held the first double exchange meeting UNITA members great victories, and a number of well-known brands of domestic pharmaceutical industry enterprises reached a strategic cooperation worth over 5 billion yuan, these brand manufacturers saw the league has more than and 130 shareholders, nearly 200 members of the unit, a chain of more than and 500, a total of more than 40 thousand stores in the platform.
From a tactical perspective, UNITA business strategy has changed significantly. Before the league wants the United National Brand Pharmaceutical (health products) industry from 5 to 10, jointly create a brand enterprise products OEM varieties, including health care products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, home medical equipment and other four categories.
"It is a regular used mode", Wu Junfu said, is now focused on the double exchange, that is Xianwei Tang said: "the brand new role of UNITA industrial service operators", more is to do service work in the business on the landing dock.
In the general manager of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group OTC marketing center in the eyes of Li Hanhui, the union of the meeting have a relatively large change compared with the past, is the industry and brand became a strategic partner as one of the core values of the alliance, on the executive floor and into a clear commitment. In the past, some of the Alliance for quick success, attracted by some small manufacturers preferential conditions, the results of follow-up follow-up of these manufacturers are not in place, the product can not sell. Brand manufacturers have the appeal, but also has its own team to do service and follow-up, the product can be sold. This is apparently the Union launched one intention double exchange, Li Hanhui said.
The transformation also has different approaches but equally satisfactory results in taeger from its beginning, advocate the OEM model, now to return to the "brand pharmaceutical companies to value alliance". They are aware that the alliance in to the member units to provide goods, services need to be further extended to the category of chain optimization, management, output terminal marketing, pharmacy services and other aspects, these are the old members, attract new members to keep weapons.
Thus, in addition to providing a platform for the purchase of the national parity platform, trying to seek a breakthrough in the integration and monitoring of the channel, that is, the first pharmaceutical companies to do a good job of service, to ensure that the cooperation agreement landing, the amount of products.
Taeger union chairman Liu Fengsheng told reporters that they are sort of alliance members, the product sales alliance ineffective or not sales alliance members will conduct different processing products, such as alliance resources will give priority to higher loyalty of member units.
For the sake of members, focus on solving the problem of moving pin
Obviously, for the industry, the National Alliance is valuable and attractive, for example, they can use this platform to release new products to the country, especially the prescription to OTC market companies. But if there is no agreement to implement the brand pharmaceutical companies will not pay. Of course, there is no value to the alliance, the key is to cooperate can not perform landing." Li Hanhui said.
Wu Junfu has a deep understanding of this, subject to regional restrictions, there will be no time in the category planning is not smooth, because the distribution of members of the National Alliance is relatively fragmented, so to find a high degree of commonality of goods. In addition, some channels do not strictly control, brand pharmaceutical companies to cooperate in the field of landing is not so easy, which are to be further strengthened in the future to implement the alliance."
Guangdong pharmaceutical direct business alliance in recent years has been able to rise, there are two main reasons, one is to help the brand pharmaceutical companies on the amount of products, two is to help members of the unit dynamic sales, such as fried shop". Because of this, it will be more and more brands of pharmaceutical companies favor.
In May 2015, taeger launched a health week, a pilot in the Zhuzhou Zhengxiang, the first stop of the emerging.


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