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2017 such 6 major trends in the market in addition

Overall, China's medical technology and medical device market in 2017 will show the following important trends:
1, the full implementation of the two vote system to promote channel change
2017 two ticket system will be fully implemented from last year's pilot, large enterprises will sink channels, small and medium agents will be eliminated a number of mergers, a number of mergers and acquisitions. Under this trend, there will be three major trends in the industry: horizontal acquisitions, vertical extension and transformation.
In the horizontal acquisition, abundant funds, strength, channel wide cloth of a large business company, will continue to mergers and integration of regional channel, and the channel into the supply chain integration program provider, the performance will usher in the outbreak.
The longitudinal extension can be divided into three kinds: one is the production-oriented enterprises downstream channels, namely large enterprises such as the acquisition of the acquisition of the dealer, Meikang biological, the acquisition of Antu Jun Hui two is flourishing; upstream production of circulation enterprises, namely the circulation enterprise acquisitions of upstream technology, such as circulation home Runda medical acquisition of POCT high technology barriers to product line; three is the downstream service circulation enterprises, circulation enterprises to extend the terminal services, for example, Dean diagnosis continue to actively layout of the terminal third party laboratory. Vertical extension makes the enterprise has more right to speak in the upstream and downstream, thereby enhancing the corporate profit margins through synergies.
The transformation refers to the transformation between medical equipment manufacturing enterprises and channel type business model, such as some instruments dealers in the two vote system, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) and regulation under the background of the transformation of CSO; part of commercial equipment agency in the background or the transformation of distribution business.
In short, the channel of mergers and acquisitions, extension, and transformation will make the channel gradually concentrated, which is the future direction of channel integration under the two vote system trend.
2, grading the opportunity to bring domestic equipment
2017, grading clinics will continue to deepen reform, and across the country in full swing. Although the concept of the patient's side will not change rapidly, but spring plumbing duck prophet, grading clinics will bring the allocation of medical resources to the grassroots sink. Unlike the high-end medical equipment market in China by foreign monopoly, broad grassroots medical market, has been the domestic brands of horse gallop battlefield, and from a policy perspective, the domestic medical equipment and equipment also encourage and support the national primary health care units outstanding. We expect that with the policy tilt and focus on capital investment, domestic brand of excellent equipment, whether it is the channel product brands still have originality in the technology field of the bright younger generation will usher in the outbreak, at the grassroots level.
Among them, on the one hand is the opportunity to upgrade existing equipment at the grassroots level, on the other hand, is able to meet the growing demand for primary care, but the opportunity to operate simple equipment. We will focus on the inspection of diagnostic equipment (especially POCT and fast testing equipment etc.), chronic disease related to household appliances, medical rehabilitation equipment, medical equipment, follow-up follow-up ultrasound safe and simple imaging equipment and other basic equipment.
3, based on the equipment of the third party service
With the deepening of the medical reform and continuously grope for a variety of emerging patterns, we believe that more and more companies and institutions will realize that for hospital services, hospital and win-win "mutual benefit model", than leather hospital life, grab hospital business "subversion mode" accord with the current medical business environment, this under the various third party services based on equipment will have a brilliant future, thinking and mode of various kinds of "Internet plus" will be integrated into the service.
In October 2016, the State Planning Commission issued the "basic standards and standardized management of Medical Laboratory (Trial) Notice", clearly belongs to the Medical Laboratory of medical institutions set separate, independent legal entities, bear the corresponding legal responsibility, the administrative department of health examination and approval by the provincial health. Then in January 2017 the State Planning Commission issued "on the interpretation of" the basic norms of standard medical institutions of medical imaging diagnostic center independent settings and clear management inspection, medical imaging, blood purification and pathology center as an independent medical institutions is imperative.
From the Planning Commission for third party diagnosis, imaging and pathology of the document support, as well as the layout and acquisitions in this area can be seen in large medical enterprises, the third party diagnosis, medical devices and equipment, imaging and pathology of logistics, disinfection, maintenance, equipment packaging and other intensive emerging service model will effectively promote the medical industry based on the development of. Because these areas are also capital intensive industries, I believe there will be a lot of investment and mergers and acquisitions.
We see in the third party inspection field, leading enterprises in the upcoming Golden Mile inspection, such as medicine, Beijing wheat 1000 the bright younger generation and cooperation has continued to receive the support of capital in the field of rapid development; third party image, a sun to get A round of investment of Goldman, Ping doctor, Guangyu group of listed companies also actively layout of the field; disinfection, Ken medical and Sinopharm is actively layout of third party supply chain; third party service companies such as medical, medical Ke Du kunya were landing three new board and the access to capital for investment.
We also observed, such as the third party, the third party inspection images and diagnosis related third party organization, can not only provide service to the hospital, can be more consumer oriented end market wide, such as combination of early screening, medical and other products and services, will break through the nest hospital market


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